A world in lockdown – The Top 6 businesses that may file bankruptcy in the second Covid wave.

Covid-19 Business Bankruptcies

Will things get better or keep going downhill? That’s the question on everyone’s mind and the future is looking bleak for some entrepreneurs, both big and small.  With sales disseminated, and leases bloating expenses, many businesses are underperforming with the continued stresses of lockdown. It’s not just small businesses.  It’s businesses all around you.

Here’s a list of the top 6 Covid-19 stressed businesses in Canada:

  1. Movie Theatres: All jobs related to the movie industry are suffering, not because they are not selling tickets to movies, but because movie theatres make their revenues from selling food and beverage.  With no bums in seats, they are in trouble.
  2. Airlines and travel industry:  With the collapse of demand for travel, the industry as a whole has devastated both the domestic and international travel industry.  This affects travel agents, musicians, and artists who perform on ships or in theatres, service staff, engineer crews, airline personnel, restaurants, hotels, Airbnb’s, and so on.   Unless billion-dollar loans come, they face hard times ahead.
  3. Retailers large and small are being crushed:  Unless you’re Walmart or Home Depot, most brick and mortar retailers have been forced to re-evaluate their business models.  If you’re a large retailer, you’ve watched your stock dropping. If you’re a small retailer, you’ve been looking at reinventing brands online.  But, you are fighting against Amazon.  And you can keep pouring money into buying your leads, but that online Giant is proving too big.
  4. Small family businesses: If you’re hanging in there, you’re wondering why you should keep pouring money in lease spaces when people can work from home. Your sales have been disseminated, you must keep people employed, foot traffic in offices is declining, and you have no idea if your online plans will pay off!  There is hope though! If you can achieve better online sales, reduce your debt, rebuild your brand online you may be able to reinvent the family business!
  5. The live event industry has also been crushed:  The wedding industry, event planners, all event, staffing, event furniture rentals, tent rentals, wedding gown retail shops, event venue rentals, and caterers…all have been badly wounded these past 8 months.  Unless you had the ability to restructure your debt, use the Government funding, and repurpose your staff, this has been a crushing blow.  
  6. Restaurants: Our hearts bleed for restaurant owners and family businesses who had to close their doors during this pandemic.  Some have simply closed their doors and decide to sell their real estate holdings. Some will have to file bankruptcy.  The chain of supply for restaurants have been harshly impacted, causing job losses for not only front of line staff, but for many suppliers in the supply chain.

As a result, and no fault of your own, you may be considering bankruptcy. And you may be wondering what are the pros and cons of declaring bankruptcy in Ontario.

What are the pros and cons to filing bankruptcy?


Eliminate your debt

Credit cards

Payday loans

Tax debts

Certain student loans

Stop Collection Calls

Stop Wage Garnishment

Debt Free in 9 months

Fresh start


Lose non-exempt assets – However, you do get to keep your personal belongings, such as inexpensive car, clothing, furniture and in most cases your RRSP’s

You’ll make one monthly payment based on your income 

You have to make your payments – you can’t miss them

You must attend 2 credit counselling sessions

And send Monthly statements

There is a note on your credit report that will stay there for 7 years. You won’t be able to get any credit for that time. (You still can function with a prepaid credit card and a Visa/Debit card)

What do you do if you have assets you don’t want to lose?

In that case, you may be wiser to file a consumer proposal. This just basically means we make a deal with all the people you owe money to and work out a payment plan.

At the end of the day, both solutions offer financial freedom.  Whatever the business losses, relationship breakdowns, medical issues, or unforeseen circumstances in a world of lockdown, the smartest thing to do may be to declare bankruptcy.

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Teresa Brace
Teresa Brace
03:53 30 Oct 20
I just want to say I am more than happy with the services provided by Sheriff Sole & Madej Inc. I had responded to an... ad I had seen on FB and thought, let me see if this is for real! I ended up receiving a call back from Chala and of course I had my reservations but, Chala was absolutely awesome from initial engagement. Chala was patient and understanding, kind and empathetic, informative, professional, non judgemental and most importantly, Chala made me feel she genuinely cared and had my best interest at heart. I have since met with Maggie Madej and she echoed my experience with Chala. Thank you Chala and Maggie for your professionalism, knowledge, exceptional customer service and empathy! Much Appreciated.read more
Phillip Allen
Phillip Allen
15:43 30 Sep 20
Great Service n also I was well informed on my Financial situation moving forward,Great customer service overall... awesome service.read more
Corey Robertson
Corey Robertson
11:57 26 Sep 20
I spoke with Chala the other day and she was so helpful and polite. I would recommend her to anyone
Raymond Joseph
Raymond Joseph
20:35 03 Aug 20
1st, I was made aware of an outstanding balance, one month before my discharge. Ultimately, I had to go into debt once... again to get my discharge. 2nd I met all of the requirements and 10 months later, I am still waiting for my discharge. This had a negative impact on a job application and may cost me a good job. Very disappointing experience.read more
liz bliz
liz bliz
21:35 07 Jul 20
I have no words to say thank you to Cagla Bayam, and her team . Cagla spoke to me ,about my real choices and explain... ,in just a way that i understand everything,she make me understand and believe theres is a hope for recover and start over.I know it will be few more years but at least ,i know i have a direction to go,and i am learning as i go ,I have being going in every direction confuse ,neglecting my own health trying to pay debts . 3 jobs trying to pay fast without results. till the point of question life. Every collector were screaming,witch get me more stress. I felt really lost .So i see an ad off Sheriff Sole & Madej Inc and I apply I thought it was scam at first ,because she was listening,not imposing her words,no pressure, no rush, believe me as I type, I talk a lot even more when i am stress ,and there she was with all the patience in the world . It was too nice to be true.I keep telling her "I hope you real " But it is true,they are real professionals, she can help you or guide you. I want so bad to be debt free and able to have a day off. I recommend and encourage anyone that feel lost in debt to Email or call them, specially this branch in north york ,well this is the one i experience. I did this review because this was a door to be debt free that i though it will never open and that it wasn't for me. I am in the road to be debt free.and I hope anyone who read this is too Thank you so much. Everyone stay saferead more
22:43 23 Jun 20
Alexandra Morataya is hands down the most unprofessional person I have come across. She screwed up royally and instead... of owning up to it she ignores you and leaves you hanging for over a month. Tried getting ahold of Todd Sheriff and he too ignores messages. Looking into a lawyer as my credit score has gone down tremendously and for 2 months payments haven't come out due to their screw up. I wouldn't suggest this company/firm.read more
Raymond Joseph
Raymond Joseph
14:18 10 Jun 20
Due to poor monitoring and advice, I am left In debt after a bankruptcy. Incompetency has my discharge incomplete, 8... months after qualifying. What was supposed to be a 24 month solution, turned into a 5 year ordeal.read more
NexToronto WordPress & Internet Marketing
NexToronto WordPress & Internet Marketing
16:44 19 Dec 17
If you're having debt problems and want piece of mind call Sheriff Sole & Madej Inc. They are extremely helpful and... very professional.read more
Michael Meyer
Michael Meyer
07:14 01 Oct 17
If you are having debt problems, call them. They will help you get rid of all your debts. The best part is that their... fees are already included in the monthly payment.read more
Ed Hammond
Ed Hammond
06:26 03 Sep 17
We can’t thank Sheriff Sole and Madej team enough. Transparent and non-judgmental company. Cristina answered all of... our questions patiently and made this process stress free!read more
Timothy Pass
Timothy Pass
19:08 04 Aug 17
After losing my job I was no longer able to pay my bills and ended up with a huge debt load. Katherine was very... knowledgeable and patient. She answered all my questions and helped me deal with my financial situation. I am now in a proposal and make only one low monthly payment. Thank you Katherine!read more
Adam Hale
Adam Hale
17:31 28 Jun 16
I've been working with Sheriff Sole & Madej Inc. for the past 1.5 years. Before that I spent 7 years going through... different Trustee's & "Debt Guys" in Ontario. Sheriff Sole & Madej Inc. have changed my outlook on Trustee's. They don't make my clients feel uncomfortable. They don't make me look bad when referring them business. They respect us! Those are keys when working together with clients that are usually in a tough spot. Trust me, the creditors will be just fine...read more
Artem A
Artem A
16:58 24 Jun 16
Knowledgeable staff that is a pleasure to work with. Sheriff Sole and Madej provides a welcoming environment for... clients to resolve even the most challenging of credit situations. All available solutions are explained in great detail, and client satisfaction is clearly a priority for the firm.read more
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