About Sheriff Sole & Madej Inc.

We are a fully Licensed Insolvency Trustee company.

“Paving the road to debt freedom” is our commitment to help each client find the best, most efficient and cost effective path to resolving their debts and getting on the path to recovery.


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Consumer and Corporate Proposals


Consumer and Corporate Bankruptcy 


Years of Experience

We pursue relationships based on transparency, persistence, mutual trust, and integrity with our employees, clients, and other business partners.

Todd Sheriff
Senior Vice-president
Estate Administrator
Office Manager
diana wong
Insolvency Assistant
Estate Administrator
Tax Department Manager
Senior Estate Administrator
Administrative Assistant
Estate Administrator
Estate Administrator
Insolvency Assistant
Maryam Tahmasbi
Administrative Assistant

Our team of experienced Licensed Insolvency Trustees, administrators and counsellors are here to help you along in every step of the way. Our commitment is to help each client find the best, most efficient, and cost effective path to resolving their debts and getting on the path to recovery.


Some remarkable events our Insolvency Trustee Company went through.

November 1997

Firm founded by Todd Sheriff.


Senior Vice-president, Martin Sole joined the team.



Maggie Madej became Licensed Insolvency Trustee


Martin Sole became Partner 



Our services shifted predominantly to consumer practice

March 2011
Moved to new offices


April, 2013

Changed name to Sheriff & Sole Inc


December 2015

Our company assisted over 5000+ clients.

May 2016

Maggie Madej was promoted to partner.

Our new name is now Sheriff Sole & Madej Inc.