Credit Card Debt Consolidation

Have you spent a bit too much over the holidays and you’re thinking about credit card debt consolidation?

Or has credit card debt become a regular occurrence in your life and you’re just looking for a way out?

Whatever the case may be, it’s not uncommon these days for many people to find themselves buried underneath the weight of credit card debt. And it’s not because you’re reckless or can’t control your spending, in fact, the top 5 reasons for credit card debt are as follows:

  1. Credit cards allow you to spend more than you make and most people simply aren’t paying attention.
  2. Financial emergencies account for a huge portion of most people’s debt.
  3. You fell for the card-rewards trick.
  4. You’re used to just paying the minimum amount.
  5. You simply have too many cards.

The fact is, if you can’t increase the amount of money you make then the chances of you paying off your credit card debt doing the same things you’ve been doing, simply won’t work. And the usual borrowing more money for credit card debt consolidation is not the answer.

You’re going to have to try a different strategy. There is really only one strategy that will work and here it is.

Watch this quick video now…

Step 1

Cut up all of your credit cards, except one. Keep one for emergencies. The amount of air travel points that you’ve accumulated on your cards will never make up for the amount of interest that you’ll have to pay. You can still use your accumulated points, but don’t use the credit cards.

Cut Up Credit Cards

Step 2

Pay the minimum amount on all of your cards except one, the one with the most accumulated debt. On that card, pay the minimum, plus an additional minimum of $100 or preferably whatever you can afford. If you can swing $200, then pay $200. If you only pay the minimum, your credit cards will never ever get paid off.

Credit Card Debt

Step 3

Once that one card is paid off, then continue paying the minimum amount on the remaining cards except for one, the one with the next most accumulated debt. Pay the minimum on that card plus $100 and plus the amount that you were paying off the first card. This means that if you were paying $200 on the first card, start applying that amount to the second card plus an additional minimum of $100 or more, whatever you can afford.

Debt Consolidation

Step 4

Once all of your cards are paid off, celebrate with a loved one. But instead of celebrating with your credit card, celebrate with cash. The cash you would have used to pay down your credit cards.

Step 5

Never let credit card debt get back to the place that you were in before.

Cut Up Credit Cards

Now, if you’re thinking, “easier said than done,” you could be right. But not doing anything is much worse. On the other hand, if you’ve already tried this strategy and its not working, then you may be a good candidate for consumer proposal. That is where we can help you negotiate your debt, often up to 70% of what you owe. It’s not a perfect solution, but we’ve been helping Canadians with consumer proposal for many years and it maybe your best option as opposed to bankruptcy.

Consumer proposal is often preferable to credit card debt consolidation because you would actually owe much less than what you owe. When you choose credit card debt consolidation you’re basically taking out a high-interest loan to pay off your credit cards. This loan would be against your property such as your house or cars. But, you still owe the full amount.

Finally, credit card debt consolidation is usually the strategy tried by most Canadians, but it doesn’t solve the top 5 reasons for getting into debt in the first place. In fact, most people will continue to rack up credit card debt even after consolidating. This means that you now have to pay your credit card debt loan and the new debt on your credit cards. This never ends well.

At Sheriff, Sole & Madej Inc, we’re masters in helping Canadians with debt. If you need help, give us a call. You call is confidential, and we’ll lend a sympathetic ear. Let’s talk today before things get really out of hand. 1-844-482-3328

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liz bliz
liz bliz
21:35 07 Jul 20
I have no words to say thank you to Cagla Bayam, and her team . Cagla spoke to me ,about my real choices and explain... ,in just a way that i understand everything,she make me understand and believe theres is a hope for recover and start over.I know it will be few more years but at least ,i know i have a direction to go,and i am learning as i go ,I have being going in every direction confuse ,neglecting my own health trying to pay debts . 3 jobs trying to pay fast without results. till the point of question life. Every collector were screaming,witch get me more stress. I felt really lost .So i see an ad off Sheriff Sole & Madej Inc and I apply I thought it was scam at first ,because she was listening,not imposing her words,no pressure, no rush, believe me as I type, I talk a lot even more when i am stress ,and there she was with all the patience in the world . It was too nice to be true.I keep telling her "I hope you real " But it is true,they are real professionals, she can help you or guide you. I want so bad to be debt free and able to have a day off. I recommend and encourage anyone that feel lost in debt to Email or call them, specially this branch in north york ,well this is the one i experience. I did this review because this was a door to be debt free that i though it will never open and that it wasn't for me. I am in the road to be debt free.and I hope anyone who read this is too Thank you so much. Everyone stay saferead more
22:43 23 Jun 20
Alexandra Morataya is hands down the most unprofessional person I have come across. She screwed up royally and instead... of owning up to it she ignores you and leaves you hanging for over a month. Tried getting ahold of Todd Sheriff and he too ignores messages. Looking into a lawyer as my credit score has gone down tremendously and for 2 months payments haven't come out due to their screw up. I wouldn't suggest this company/ more
Raymond Joseph
Raymond Joseph
14:18 10 Jun 20
Due to poor monitoring and advice, I am left In debt after a bankruptcy. Incompetency has my discharge incomplete, 8... months after qualifying. What was supposed to be a 24 month solution, turned into a 5 year more
NexToronto WordPress & Internet Marketing
NexToronto WordPress & Internet Marketing
16:44 19 Dec 17
If you're having debt problems and want piece of mind call Sheriff Sole & Madej Inc. They are extremely helpful and... very more
Michael Meyer
Michael Meyer
07:14 01 Oct 17
If you are having debt problems, call them. They will help you get rid of all your debts. The best part is that their... fees are already included in the monthly more
Ed Hammond
Ed Hammond
06:26 03 Sep 17
We can’t thank Sheriff Sole and Madej team enough. Transparent and non-judgmental company. Cristina answered all of... our questions patiently and made this process stress free!read more
Timothy Pass
Timothy Pass
19:08 04 Aug 17
After losing my job I was no longer able to pay my bills and ended up with a huge debt load. Katherine was very... knowledgeable and patient. She answered all my questions and helped me deal with my financial situation. I am now in a proposal and make only one low monthly payment. Thank you Katherine!read more
Adam Hale
Adam Hale
17:31 28 Jun 16
I've been working with Sheriff Sole & Madej Inc. for the past 1.5 years. Before that I spent 7 years going through... different Trustee's & "Debt Guys" in Ontario. Sheriff Sole & Madej Inc. have changed my outlook on Trustee's. They don't make my clients feel uncomfortable. They don't make me look bad when referring them business. They respect us! Those are keys when working together with clients that are usually in a tough spot. Trust me, the creditors will be just more
Artem A
Artem A
16:58 24 Jun 16
Knowledgeable staff that is a pleasure to work with. Sheriff Sole and Madej provides a welcoming environment for... clients to resolve even the most challenging of credit situations. All available solutions are explained in great detail, and client satisfaction is clearly a priority for the more
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